Increase personal loan in Switzerland​

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Increase personal loan in Switzerland​

Flexible topping up with KRED

If you have taken out a loan in Switzerland and now need additional financial resources, a loan increase can be a sensible option. With a loan increase, you can top up the amount of your existing loan and benefit from favorable interest rates and more flexible repayment terms. At KRED, we work with various banks in Switzerland to find the best financing option for our customers.

Reasons for a loan increase

Perhaps you need additional funds to cover unforeseen expenses or to finance a major project. You may want to take advantage of the benefits of a loan, such as lower interest rates and flexible repayment options. A loan increase may also be an alternative to a new loan if you are already satisfied with your existing lender.

How does the increase of a loan work?

If you decide to increase your credit, the amount of your existing loan will be increased and the conditions will be adjusted accordingly. You then only pay off the installments for the increased credit and can benefit from the better conditions. Our experienced staff is available to assist you in finding the best loan option.

The advantages of increasing the credit

With a loan increase, you can benefit from more favorable interest rates, which can lead to significant savings in the long term. In addition, you can adjust the repayment terms to your individual needs, for example, through longer terms or lower monthly installments. Increasing your credit can help simplify your finances, as there is now only one monthly payment and one creditor. This way, you can reduce your financial burden and create more room for other expenses. Thus, you ensure that you will reliably repay your installments and thus improve your credit score.

Improved credit rating

If you are able to service other loans or obligations by increasing your loan, your credit score will improve.

Better plannability

Increasing your loan can simplify your monthly payment schedule. A longer term can lower the monthly payment, while a shorter term can help you become debt-free faster.

Availability of more capital

By increasing your loan, you can gain access to more capital to use for a variety of purposes.

Get a loan increase tailored to your individual needs quickly and easily at KRED. Apply now and benefit from our favorable interest rates!

Frequently asked questions

A loan increase is an extension of the original loan amount. This can be achieved by increasing the credit amount or by a new credit agreement.

Yes, in most cases you can change the amount of your monthly payments when you increase your credit. If you choose a longer term, your monthly payments will usually decrease. If you choose a shorter term, the monthly payments usually increase.

You must be of legal age, a Swiss resident, have a minimum income of CHF 2,700 and a good credit score. It is also important that you have repaid your existing loan on time and regularly.